Friends of illusions

We work with so many wonderful people and businesses in our profession.  Here are some of our favorites!

BadDog Marketing * Our favourite geek and web designer Eric Rose helped us get our blog & website going.  He’s very patient, thank goodness!

Faye Crooks Realty * We worked with Faye to update her promo images as part of her new brand.  Certified Green Agent – emphasis on sustainability.

Don Cope * Recreating Family – mediation and Coaching

ST. GEORGE’S IN THE PINES– Rev. George Belcher, a friendly, happy Minister in Banff.  We’ve worked with him at weddings over the years and enjoy his disposition immensely.

CELLAR DOOR-Remarkable wine, spirits, beer.  We have befriended Alison Nagel, proprietor of this fairly new business in Canmore (on the sunny side).  Whenever we are shooting there, we stop for a visit, wine-tasting, and a chat.  Usually laughs as well.  Be sure to visit.

Dr.  Stanleigh is a long-time, loyal client of ours. He is lively, quirky, but totally professional when helping his clients with “smiles”. Check out his website:

Yvonne Thermann’s business, Rainbow Glass, is located in the Calgary Farmer’s Market (one of our favorite places to visit). She paints all kinds of glass objects, including the decor lights hanging in my family room.


Jerry Littman and Myron Littman, a father and son team of certified financial planners who specialize in developing long-term relationships with their clients in all needs financial.


Lisa Young, author, and long-time client of ours.  Amazing children's books.

Lisa Young, author, and long-time client of ours. Amazing children’s books.