Joy US Noel – The making of a greeting

We’ve had so many people ask “How do you do that?” about our Christmas Card.  So, we decided, this year, to let you in on the photographic secrets (and of course, master skills) that create our cards each year. It’s not really ‘earth shattering science’.

First of all, you need a concept.  And sometimes, it just creeps up on you (like seeing the NOEL in a store window). Here’s the finished card below. We saw those 4 little 4″ tall letters at a Christmas store in Comox BC.



Step 2 – Set up the props (on top of an appropriate background)

Step 3 – Set the lighting-Very important to record this so it matches when you add the subjects. The shadows on the props and on the subject need to match or it won’t look real.

Step 4 – Add little embellishments (small enough to not overpower the letters, or the little people we plan to add after)). Shoot!

Step 5 – Careful measurements come into play in order to figure out how to place the subjects (Dave and LL) on the letters so it looks “real”.   Hands need to bend at just the right spot

Do hair and make-up and then Shoot!

Step 6 – Dave spends the next few hours photoshopping while Laurie-Lynn stands over his shoulders giving instructions about placement and color of the stripes in the scarfs.

Step 7 – Ta Da!   Finished product ready for printing!







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  1. Fabulous. Thanks for sharing. And a Happy New Year to you as well. From the Stanleigh family.

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