Tales of the Teacherage-A Small-town Alberta Journey – Part I-Hussar

My grandparents, Nellie and Albert  Arlendson,  lived and worked in various small towns in Alberta.  They met and married in and around the Didsbury/Acme region and proceeded to have successful teaching careers in small town Alberta.  I know they were well-respected as teachers, and my Nana especially was very proud of her career and abilities as a teacher.

My project is to visit as many of these small towns as I can, wandering through the streets, finding the school, perhaps talking to people in the General Store.  I really have no idea what I’ll discover but I hope to create a  photo-essay of my discoveries and I might even meet people who knew my grandparents.

Small Town #1 – Hussar

My main objective was to locate the house that I remember visiting during the years my Poppa taught at the High School. (I was 8 years old).   I know I found it, although it looks more modern now.  Also, seeing the school reminded me of a visit when my sister and I had asked what it felt like to get the strap.  Poppa took us to his office and I can still remember what “the strap” looked like and FELT like.  He always told us he hated to give the strap to kids, but it was his job.  He was fair and didn’t abuse it.












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4 Responses to Tales of the Teacherage-A Small-town Alberta Journey – Part I-Hussar

  1. Joe Sherritt says:

    I am doing research on Winifred Arlendson that married John Gaehring. I would like to know who history up to 1931. I would like to know where she took her Normal Training and what year. I believe she was a sister to your grandfather, Albert.

    • illusions says:

      Hello Joe, I’m afraid I don’t know much about my grandfathers siblings, other than their names. I didn’t realize Winnie was a teacher too! I’ll ask my mom, Connie. My grandmother took her Normal School training in Calgary but I’m not sure about Winnie. Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Dale Gaehring says:


    Thanks for sharing Uncle Albert and Aunt Nellies story. Who’s parents are yours?

    • illusions says:

      Hello Dale, My mom is Connie Arlendson, your cousin. I remember you and Carol and your brother Larry, Judy and their kids. You attended my sisters wedding back in 1984.

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