Life at Sea…Ahhh

Ah… the lure of a sailboat.  When near water, why not be ON the water.  Especially the Mediterranean Sea!  My favorite color – turquoise green. And crystal clear.   The weather for the sailing portion of our adventure couldn’t have been better.  The storms and winds blew away, leaving sunshine and blue, blue skies.  We set sail (no actual sails) with a crew of three, the four of us and three generations (a gramma, mom, and son).  Our boat capacity was for 16 people but with only 7 guests, we had lots of room.  Our bunk was only an arms length off the water!  Literally, we reached out of our “porthole” in the morning and touched the sea.  Now this is really “Sea Level”.

The First Mate and cook, Suleymon, prepared amazing meals for us.  “Made with Love”, he says.  I loved the salad dressing pomegranate and fresh olive oil.  Our captain,  Captain Muhammed, fished for fresh dinner one evening.  Well, if you can call it “fishing”.  He hung a string and hook over the edge and snagged the poor unsuspecting creatures.   We sailed in a out of little coves and bays, disembarking to explore islands, such as St. Nicholas island (which boasts the famous origins of Santa Claus), Cleopatra Bay and the Blue Lagoon.  Our british travel mate aptly described the scenery as “sumptuous”.

By now I am totally craving a Tim Horton’s coffee.  Nescafe just isn’t my thing.  To make up for it, we drank Raki and danced with the crew one evening.  The stars were bright that night. Having fun is the same in any language.

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  1. Leslie says:

    I am drooling and sighing when I look at your photos! Would have loved to do this when we went…. maybe “next time”!

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