Day 7 – Hiking the Red Valley

We were fortunate to have Gokhan guide us on a 4 km. hike through the Red Valley of Cappadocia.  We were treated to a gift of wonderful scenery, including rock cut churches, eroded valleys, crevices, tunnels and fields of flowers.  Along the trail we observed local people working their gardens, running their family restaurant and potty stop.  A private tour is the way to go.  All tour guides must complete four years of university to learn the historical facts of Turkey, and it is a coveted career.  But Gokhan also said with a giggle, “Don’t believe everything I tell you”.

One of my favorite Turkey pastimes is to be wooed by the turkish carpet salesmen.  I absolutely LOVE watching the show.  It’s like a virtual art gallery.  You sit and drink apple tea (or Raki) while beautiful silk artwork is swirled around you.  Like pizza dough, one after another swirled and then placed at your feet to enjoy.  After learning how many years it takes ONE woman to make each carpet, and seeing the silkworms and how the whole dyeing process works using natural colors (such as walnut for dark colors, poppy flowers for red etc), we have a magnificent amount of respect for this tradition.  No more Ikea carpets for me!


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3 Responses to Day 7 – Hiking the Red Valley

  1. Alix says:

    We bought some rugs in Turkey and they shipped them to us and they are the most amazing rugs ever!!

  2. eric says:

    We will let you roll around on ours LOL!

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