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           Wendy Ireland

 Hello My Friends,

am embarking on a new venture / adventure, and I know I will be more successful with you by my side. True story!

 My blog – LOLA (Laugh Out Loud Aging) is going to take a new turn. I’m so excited! Check out the blog here.

This summer I am going to start a weekly podcast called “The LOLA-logues”, which will detail the humorous side of the aging process in women.

I am going to “kick off” The LOLA-logues with “LOLA-Live” in June. The live event gives me a chance to do something that I love — tell my stories while engaging with others. AND we all need to laugh a little more. 

 I plan to have a LOLA-Live event every month — in the format of a “home concert”! A home concert is a small-setting performance (typically by musicians) in a house, adjacent barn, or back yard; it is typically by invitation, which makes it an intimate gathering. I am going to host the first one, but will be looking for hosts for Sept / Oct / Nov. What a great way to get your people together!

 Have I told you HOW EXCITED I am?  This has all come about because of working with my intuition — and if that is too Woo-Woo for you then . . . “it is all part of my long term business plan”.

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