Reflecting on 2013

Another year is coming to a close, and it’s time to look back and reflect on what we’ve accomplished in the past twelve months. Our illusions community is stronger than ever, and some of the accomplishments of the past year are definitely worth remembering.

Our flood relief effort stands out as among the most emotion-filled and challenging accomplishment of 2013.  We will never forget the images that are burned into our hearts.   The stories, the families, the mud, the changed landscape – and how the communities came together to help.  It’s still unbelievable that the Calgary Stampede could be pulled off two weeks post-flood.  A perfect example of the camaraderie that we witnessed over and over again in the ensuing months. A special thanks to our friends, Stacy and Richard, Eric, Beth, Michelle and Trevor, Lori, and Barb who offered their help to us and others.  A thank you card we received from one of our flood families said it all “The flood swept through our lives and with it, brought many blessings”.

The opportunity to create portraits of so many newborns this year is really not any of our doing.  Surprised?  March must have been a cold month as the December babies out-numbered the rest of the entire year!  One of my favorite quotes this year is from a young, ready to deliver mom-to-be.   I mentioned that “babies are coming out of the wood work”, to which she answered, “I wish they would come that way”.  We had a good laugh.

Our Mountain Magic sessions in Canmore this September were beautiful despite the flood-ravaged river banks.  We are faced with finding new locations each year as the landscape changes with the crazy weather we experience.  And, of course, Fall is never the same dates each year. It’s always a guess when the leaves will be yellow and still ON the trees!  Ah, the challenges of being photographers in this ridiculous climate.

As always, laughter is the best medicine and it seems we laugh a lot in our business.  We are blessed with loving families to photograph, successful businesses to work with and supportive friends to help us along our way.   We are excited for new experiences and looking forward to the opportunities ahead.

And as I ask every year – ” I wonder what 2014 holds for us?”  Wish I had a crystal ball.







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