Photo tip #14- November 7 – Tropical photography – saturation and humidity

As soon as the thermometer dips down below zero, our thoughts drift to travelling to warmer climates. Tropical locations present some interesting photographic challenges.

1) Humidity and wetness

Rain, mist and humidity make for amazing light and dramatic images, but they all play havoc with your camera equipment. To protect your camera while out shooting get a ziplock bag larger then your camera, cut a hole in the bottom seam of the bag for your lens to see thru, and use the open ziplock end to work the controls from. Use a similar bag (uncut) to store your camera in when returning back to your air conditioned room. Your gear becomes coated with condensation when ever you leave an air conditioned room and return to the high humidity environment. Just seal your camera in the bag before entering the room, and when you take it outside the next day humidity shouldn’t fog over your optics for the first 10 minutes. If condensation still appears, use a small dual voltage hair dryer to remove the condensation quicker.

2) Saturated colors

The intense colours of blue tropical waters and green foliage are sometimes hard for cameras to record. To help with this problem attach a polarizer filter to your camera. This filter helps eliminate glare and reflections which will help to lessen the increased colour saturation of the scene. Spin the filter while viewing thru the camera. Sometimes the scene changes dramatically as the filter lets you see through reflection on the surface of water to what is swimming underneath. Also it minimizes window glare to let you see the display you want to photograph behind the window at the candy store.

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