25th Anniversary – Update 2


Having worked in the photography industry for 25 years, we are often asked what we attribute most to our success.  To be honest, we feel photography is very personality-based, especially people photography. We genuinely love working with our clients.  It is impossible to express to our clients (and I hesitate to use that word-friend seems more appropriate) how much they really mean to us.  We are capturing their life.  Their life!  It’s important and special.   Our business is based on emotion and we have surrounded ourselves with positive and passionate people that provide us with the inspiration to love what we do.

Building a reputation is more important than money.  We always felt uncomfortable with the “money” aspect of our business, occasionally to our own detriment.  Ok, NUMEROUS times.   But, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction and although this can be difficult, our reputation is built on it.  It is a source of pride for us.

Success cannot be attained without hard work.  I recall the hours and hours of late nights, working seven days a week for many, many years.  In fact, we tabulated the extra days and figure we have worked an extra year and half in the last 25, just in extra days alone, not including late nights.

Today, we can say we’ve had the luxury of 25 years of building trust with our clients.  It is humbling to comprehend that a great number of our original clients remain as clients today.


Photos from the archives.

Circa 1992

Circa 1993

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4 Responses to 25th Anniversary – Update 2

  1. Eric Rose says:

    Napoleon Hill would be proud of you guys. You two are a true blue success story, monetarily, spiritually and through the smiles you have created over the past 25 years. Scrooge himself would have been melted into smiles if he had met you two, and without all those bad dreams. I’ve seen how you two turn yourselves inside out to insure a customer is happy. If people only knew all the behind the scenes work that goes into that shiny 16×20 photograph, the video shows or those yummy cookies.

  2. Sheri Wright says:

    Yes, you are more than photographers! You have taken several photos of our family through the years starting with our wedding. Anytime I need a special portriat taken I always think of Dave and Laurie-Lynn! 🙂 my friends!

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