My Strong Arms-by L. Brookwell

This morning, at the gym, one of the girls mentioned the muscles I must need for “carrying all that photography gear”.  It made me suddenly realize all the wonderful things my hands and arms have been blessed to do in my career.  They have adjusted brides veils, hooked up their bustles, swooshed their train and smoothed it all out for their big walk down the aisle.  They’ve handed over kleenex to wipe away tears, carefully put in bobby pins when their hair came loose, pinned on thousands of boutonniere’s and corsages, hammered in the nails to hang a beautiful family portrait in a client’s home, made cookies and coffee to serve during slideshows.  They’ve securely held newborn babies, gently touched their little fingers and caressed their faces, poked moms-to-be bellies and felt their baby move.  They’ve wiped the noses of toddlers, tickled countless preschoolers and have wrapped  around clients shoulders in times of happiness and sadness.   And, yes, they have carried photography gear.

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  1. Bill Clough says:

    At an antique sale I bought a set of 2/3 b&w photographs of homes of Hollywood stars dating, I think, from the late 30s to the early 40s. The package says they are published by L.Brookwell, at 2301 N. Highl;and Ave. in Hollywood.

    Are you related?

    Bill Clough

    • illusions says:

      Hi Bill, I’m not sure if i’m related or not. I dont recognize the name and location in the USA. We also found a David Brookwell in the hollywood area, but he is not related.

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