25th anniversary update 1


Happy 25th anniversary to us!  A quarter of a century working together and living together.  Together 24/7.  For 25 years.  Even as I reminisce, I find it hard to believe how quickly the time has gone by.

Working alongside your spouse offers great advantages and some unique challenges too.  In some ways, owning a business together is like raising a child.   In addition to moments of pride, joy and happiness, there have been long hours, trying times, and situations that you just don’t agree on how to handle (that’s when I’m right).  Maybe even a few times when you want to run away screaming (that’s me… not Dave). We often wondered “What if we DID have a child?  Would we pack him/her into the camera bag?”

On the one hand, you get to see your beloved throughout the day. When you talk about what’s going on at work, the other person knows exactly what you’re talking about.  You share your successes and they have the same significance and importance to each of you.  But, keeping personal feelings and situations separate from work can be a challenge. It can be tricky navigating back and forth from the spousal relationship to the professional one.  You can’t fire each other and at the end of the day and in our case,  you have to drive home together.

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  1. congratulations on 25 incredible years. You two are fantastic.

  2. Kelly & Ivica says:

    We are so blessed to know the two of you. Thank you for capturing such fun memories and here’s hoping for a whole lot more!! Happy Anniversary!

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